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The First Three Weeks

I cannot believe this is out baby

Will we ever sleep again?

I wish she could talk

Did I eat today?

I have never felt a love like this

I didn't prepare for this

Bottle attempt #7

Google needs a 3am setting

I can't

It's my baby

Today was good

She looks like me

Why am I crying?

I am the luckiest

She latched perfect

Is she gaining enough weight?

I could sit here all day

Unreliable. To everyone but her, anyway

Will we ever eat dinner at the same time again?

I need to get outside

She is perfect

I feel like a cow

I really need to do laundry

I don't know

I want to live in this bubble forever

Formula sounds good right now

I don't think that's right

I can

I wish I took more pictures

Is there a word stronger than love?

The most overwhelming life transition to me

Is the beautiful blur of the first three weeks

Written by Ashley Lowe


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