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Matcha Tea

I love a good hot matcha tea

It's always been an essential in my morning routine

But somewhere in between:

4am, 6am, and 9am feeds

Trying to keep the house clean

Taking a shower for the first time in a week

Laundry piled up to my knees--

Trying to manage my anxiety

I've gone less and less without that hot matcha tea

I still make it the same

Wake up in the illusion that I'll ease into my day

But somewhere in between:

Her smile waking up to eat

Saying "mama" and reaching for me

Her sleeping on my chest, deep in a dream

When we've done nothing and it's almost three--

My anxiety doesn't exist in moments like these

Now I love a good cold matcha tea

I wouldn't change a thing about my morning routine

Written by Ashley Lowe


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